Ogden woman charged in separate felony cases of aggravated assault

Angela Fraga. Photo: Weber County

OGDEN, Utah, April 6, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — An Ogden woman was booked on aggravated assault charges in two separate cases after her alleged victims say in one case, she assaulted a man in a homeless shelter on Saturday, and nearly two months earlier, she assaulted a relative who had taken her in.

Angela “Angel” Fraga, 35, is charged with aggravated assault in both cases, a third-degree crime in the April 4 case, and a second-degree felony in the Feb. 17 case.

In the more recent case, the male victim was found with a large, bleeding bump on the left side of his head.

“He explained that he helped Angel carry some of her belongings and one of her shirts ended up in his bag,” the probable cause statement says. “When Angel found the shirt in his bag she got upset and hit him with a metal rod. I was still investigating the incident so I asked Angel her side of the story. She told me basically the same story aside from her believing the victim was trying to steal her shirt.”

Fraga said she hit the man with a “stick,” which she could not locate. Officers suspect she used a metal rod that was found nearby, the statement says. Fraga was booked into jail.

Police investigating the more recent case learned of the alleged assault in February, and interviewed the female who was hospitalized after the incident.

The woman told police Fraga was staying at her house because “She is mentally unstable and self-medicates with meth,” the probable cause statement says. The “Victim was trying to help Angel and was attempting to keep her from living on the
streets. Victim said this isn’t the first time Angel has assaulted her.”

The victim told police she remembers being hit repeatedly, and lost consciousness. The probable cause statement noted that the victim “has stitches on her face, staples on the top of her head, both her eyes are black and purple,” and she has torn skin and bruising.

Post Miranda, Fraga said she knew she hurt the woman, “but claims to have been in a ‘blackout’ at the time so she does not remember.”

Fraga’s bail was set at $10,000.


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