Park City police arrest man after theft of high-end bikes caught on numerous cameras

File Photo: Pixabay/Diego Para

PARK CITY, Utah, April 27, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Park City police had no problem tracking down a thief who stole two mountain bikes valued at $14,000 — part by part.

In the recent bust the arrested suspect told officers the notion to steal the bikes was a “stupid decision,” according to a Wednesday press release from the PCPD.

Stupid may not cover it. Police were able to collect abundant security camera footage of the ongoing crimes, the release said, identifying the suspect as an employee who worked in the area where the bikes had been locked up.

“The investigation concluded that the foolish thief appeared on camera multiple times as he stole the bikes piece by piece.”

The footage shows the suspect parked his distinctive car nearby and later returned to his vehicle, first with a bike frame, which he put in his car.

“Video shows the suspect returning to his car again and again, carrying additional parts of the bikes and placing them in the back seat of his car.”

The suspect was tracked to Salt Lake City where he was located riding one of the fully re-assembled stolen bikes, police said. He was placed under arrest on charges of felony theft.


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