Police arrest murder suspect after triple shooting in Salt Lake City

Kasim Sheikh-Mumin. Photo: Salt Lake County


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Dec. 26, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Salt Lake City police have arrested a suspect in the triple shooting that left one man dead and a man and woman injured Tuesday in Salt Lake City.

“Kasim Sheikh-Mumin, 41, was arrested for homicide for the shooting death of Salesi Katoa, that occurred Tuesday night on Kensington Ave.,” says a tweet from the SLCPD.

Sheikh-Mumin faces initial charges of:

  • Murder, a first-degree felony
  • Three counts of felony discharge of a firearm, a first-degree felony
  • Possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, a second-degree felony

Just after midnight on Dec. 22, officers responded to a shooting at Kings Lounge, at 25 E. Kensington Ave., a police statement says.

“Victim No. 1 was located at the Colonial Motel at 1530 S. Main St. It was discovered that victim No. 1 ran from 25 E. Kensington Ave where the shooting had occurred,” the statement says. “Victim No. 1 was struck in the left torso and left forearm; transported to UMED in critical condition.”

Victim No.1 has been reported to be a 29-year-old man.

“Officers responded and located A/P (accused person), Kasim Sheikh-Mumin, at the address of occurrence. A/P claimed to have been in a physical altercation with a Polynesian male. A/P had visible injuries to his head and had admitted himself into a local hospital.”

Blood was found on the sidewalk leading to the address of incident, the statement says. Multiple spent cartridges were found on the sidewalk directly in front of the Kings Lounge.

Victim No. 2, Katoa, was found in the driver’s seat of a passenger car parked in front of Kings Lounge. Medical personnel had pronounced him deceased.

“The vehicle’s front passenger window was shattered, and several bullet impacts were observed on the passenger side and rooftop of the vehicle,” the probable cause statement says. “An autopsy revealed that victim No. 2 had been shot seven times.

“A short time later, officers were notified of victim No. 3 at St. Mark’s Hospital. Victim No. 3 had an apparent gunshot wound to her arm, listed in critical condition.”

Sheikh-Mumin told officers he had been staying at the Kings Lounge, and that the female victim and a Black male, known to him as “B,” had been staying with him.

Sheikh-Mumin told officers three Polynesian males knocked on his door, and he let them into the building because he knew one of the men.

Sheikh-Mumin told officers that one of the three men asked to see his BMW watch, then asked the female victim about the worth of her watch, the probable cause statement says.

A/P said he then observed one of the Polynesian males had taken out a meth pipe. A/P told the male to put that shit away, that’s when one of the other Polynesian males started to punch him in the head. A/P said he heard several gunshots the moment he fell to the ground.

“A/P said he saw everyone running out of the lounge and heard more gunshots outside. Victim No. 3 (the woman) returned to the lounge with a gunshot wound to the arm. A/P claimed that his friend B shot the victims.”

On Wednesday, Unified Police officers located B’s car in Taylorsville. He was subsequently taken into custody by SLCPD officers.

“B agreed to speak with SLCPD detectives and provided the following information:

“B said A/P (Sheikh-Mumin) had an altercation with the Polynesian males, where at one point, he was being threatened with a knife. A/P had a ‘pea-shooter .22’ (firearm) in his hands. One of the Polynesians was hitting A/P and was trying take the firearm away. A second Polynesian male was holding B at knifepoint and told him to not get involved.

“B admitted to getting his firearm out of a holster (.40 caliber pistol which held 14 rounds) and firing 3 to 4 rounds during the altercation. He fired the first round in a northwest direction. The other Polynesian males were toward the south as the altercation spilled over toward the exit. B realized victim #3 had gotten shot and stated he dropped his firearm on the ground and proceeded to wrap the gunshot wound with a piece of cloth.”

B said Sheikh-Mumin then picked up the firearm from the ground and ran out of the door. B heard around eight more shots outside, he told police. Sheikh-Mumin “came back inside and made a comment about him killing someone,” the probable cause statement says.

“B then left his firearm behind and transported victim #3 to a local hospital.”

Victim No. 3, reportedly a 20-year-old woman, was interviewed on Dec.25.

“Victim No. 3 said she saw A/P with a 22-type pump action gun,” the probable cause statement says. “One of the Polynesian males had a knife pointing at B. Victim No. 3 remembered being shot but wasn’t sure by whom. B helped her out because she was bleeding from her arm, that’s when A/P came back from the outside and said something to the effect of ‘I killed someone,'” the woman said.

The filing officer wrote that detectives have reason to believe that Sheikh-Mumin was no longer in grave danger when he “fired multiple rounds at victim No. 2 (Katoa) while he was attempting to flee in the vehicle. Victim No. 2 sustained multiple gunshots wounds to the upper part of his body. A/P refused to answer any follow-up questions and invoked his right to counsel.”

Sheikh-Mumin is being held without bail at the Salt Lake County Jail.


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