Police arrest suspect in Aug. 11 shooting at Draper apartment complex

Draper Police car. File photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLCScanner

DRAPER, Utah, Aug. 18, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A suspect has been arrested in the Aug. 11 shooting death of Remey Rowland outside a Draper apartment complex.

Alexis Marquez, 21, has been arrested for investigation of murder, a first-degree felony.

Marquez’s probable cause statement, filed by an officer of the Draper City Police Department, says police were dispatched on a shots-fired call at 1:18 a.m. that Thursday and found Rowland, 33, on the west side of the parking lot at Heritage Apartments, 11715 S. State.

On the east side of the lot, officers observed a vehicle with the driver’s side door open,” Marquez’s probable cause statement says. “They approached the vehicle and observed the interior covered in blood.”

Detectives searched the vehicle and “observed blood, money, and bullet cases strewn around the front passenger compartment. Initial investigation seemed to reveal the victim was in the driver’s seat with the suspect in the front passenger seat. The suspect shot the victim, who then exited the vehicle and attempted to flee west across the parking lot. He collapsed on the sidewalk with multiple gunshot wounds.”

A warrant search of the vehicle turned up “drugs, fake currency, a bullet and spent casings,” the statement says.

Another warrant was issued for Rowland’s cellphone records, which showed call and text information between Rowland and Marquez.

“Texts show them talking about meeting to exchange drugs and money. Detectives were able to tie the phone number to the suspect,” the Marquez affidavit says.

Police learned Marquez was living in the area with his mother, and detectives obtained an arrest warrant and search warrant for the location.

“Officers served the warrants and took the suspect into custody after a lengthy standoff where he barricaded himself in a bathroom.”

Surveillance footage from the shooting area, recorded prior to the shots-fired call, showed a man wearing a black hoodie with a white stripe on the back had been in the area of the shooting prior to the crime, the statement says.

“During the search of the apartment, officers recovered the suspect’s cellphone, a fanny pack containing bullets matching the casings found at the shooting location, the hoodie with the white stripe, and shoes with possible blood on them.”

During an interview with Draper police, Marquez told officers he was a friend of the shooter, but “continually changed his story and lied about what had happened. Later, the suspect stated he was in the vehicle with the victim buying drugs. He said he was nervous because he had heard the victim had killed someone.”

Marquez “observed the victim reach down by the driver’s side door and thought he was grabbing a gun. The suspect stated he shot the victim in self-defense, then fled to his apartment where he cleaned up,” according to the police statement.

Marquez’s probable cause statement says the crime is a felony and was committed while he was “on probation or parole, or while free on bail awaiting trial on a previous felony charge.”

Court documents say Marquez was booked into the Salt Lake County jail system Thursday and that he is being held without bail.

Draper police issued a statement Thursday asking anyone with information regarding the shooting call 801-840-4000 to share tips.

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