Police: Fleeing suspect hits 4 or more cars in Millcreek before apprehension

Photo: Gephardt Daily

MILLCREEK, Utah, April 13, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A driver trying to flee Unified Police in Millcreek Wednesday morning managed to damage at least four other vehicles before crashing about a block away.

Sgt. Melody Cutler, Unified Police Department, told reporters at the scene that before 8:30 a.m., a UPD officer approached the vehicle, which held a driver and two passengers, and which turned out to be stolen.

“As soon as they saw the officer, the driver started the car and drove away in between the police cars that were at that scene,” Cutler said.

The incident began in the area of 800 East and 3300 South. As the vehicle fled, it struck a second vehicle, causing the car hit to spin out of control, but the occupants suffered only minor injuries, Cutler said. The fleeing vehicle then fled through a Rancho Market and headed west on 3300 South, with officers in pursuit, before stopping briefly at an intersection.

“The driver again made the decision to go through that intersection against a red light, and it struck three additional vehicles,” Cutler said. “Luckily, we have minor injuries, a lot of property damage.”

Two of the suspect vehicle’s three occupants then fled on foot, and “they were captured a short time later,” Cutler said.

“All three were transported to the hospital after telling officers they had taken narcotics.”

Cutler said after the three were checked out at the hospital, they were expected to be booked into jail.”

Traffic was blocked at the scene, due to the multiple damaged cars littering the roadway, and due to the resulting investigation.

The scene, in the area of 700 E. 3300 South, remained blocked to traffic of 10 a.m., but the UDOT traffic map showed it as cleared at 10:30.


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