Police investigate after 2 people shot during illegal street races in Salt Lake City

File photo: Gephardt Daily

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Aug. 2, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Two people were shot late Saturday night in an industrial area of Salt Lake City, where street racing is a popular —  and illegal — weekend activity.

The two victims were among a crowd of “a couple hundred people who didn’t see anything,” Lt. Sweeney, with the Salt Lake City Police Department, told Gephardt Daily.

“Two are confirmed shot, both in the lower extremities, and both are in stable condition,” Sweeney said. “They were transported to the hospital in personal vehicles.”

He said both victims would likely be treated and released.

The shootings occurred shortly before midnight as hundreds of onlookers were gathered for the illicit street races, and Sweeney said the police would like the city to install speed bumps to discourage the dangerous meet-ups.

“Since the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies, there’s been an uptick in shots fired” at these weekend events, Sweeney said, and police don’t really know if the shootings are gang-related because victims and witnesses aren’t providing any suspect information.

“We would love for witnesses to come forward with videos,” he said.

Anyone who has any information that would help identify the shooters in this case is asked to call SLCPD dispatch at 801-799-3000.


  1. People st race because their cars r unsafe won’t pass saftey inspection + they have no skills luck only Carrys u so far then u get killed fast cars don’t make u a pro if u + ur car r so bad prove it at the track against real racers

  2. My granddaughter who is 18 was shot going to watch the races with friends about a month ago . She had taken her little sister with her and had just called her mom telling her she would be home within 30 minutes when right after some guys in a car drove by shooting towards the ground shot her in the leg and her friend. She luckily throw herself on top of her sister so she was safe . Now they refuse to look for the jerks who shot her because they claim she is in a gang. So the shooter is still out there and she is scared to do anything because of what happened. They need to make some arrests. Stop thinking everyone is in a gang.

  3. Speed bumps won’t do it since these brain dead participants will see it as yet another challenge to take to the streets. Scenario: lessee now if I can take these bumps at a 45 degree angle. I could up my speed another 5 ot 10 miles an hour! If I lose an oil pan by trying…what the hell..i’ll just get a spare…IOW..Nothing is gonna stop these hellbent mental cretins from attempting their sport!

  4. Well, either everyone isn’t talking because they’re cowardly pieces of shit… or the people who got shot had it coming. Seeing as this many people are refusing to talk or even anonymously provide video (likely lots of cell phone recording at these races) it’s likely these guys had it coming. But I could be wrong.

  5. These racers come over every weekend, friday to sunday for the last three months. The cops are called every time they show up due to a business needing access to the street to do deliveries. No cops show up after they are called multiple times per night and eventually maybe once a week the cops will show up flash their lights and the racers scurry away like roaches. The cops will then leave, a racer will come over check out if it clear call their crew and return.
    This is actually the second shooting that has happened. If a cop would show up and issue tickets to these racers maybe the situation would not get so bad.

    As for Lt. Sweeney “We would love for witnesses to come forward with videos,” he said.
    If they would come over in an under cover cop car they could get the plates of every illegal racer that shows up instead of hoping the race crew would rat out their own. The cops are called every time they show up to race so they are aware that they are here.


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