Police investigate officer-involved shooting in South Ogden

File photo: Gephardt Daily
  • The man shot has died from his injuries. Read an updated story here.

SOUTH OGDEN, Utah, Dec.27, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in South Ogden.

The incident began at about 1 a.m. Friday morning when officers spotted a red Mustang as it drove through a red light near 30th Street and Washington Ave.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver took off, leading officers on a winding, slow-speed pursuit throughout South Ogden and into Riverdale, according to information transmitted on police radio.

Officers followed the suspect at a distance, watching as he drove erratically through nearby neighborhoods, blowing stop signs and running red lights, while driving at speeds from 5 to 15 mph, according to police radio accounts.

Officers at three locations managed to spike the suspect’s tires before the pursuit came to a sudden and violent end near the intersection of Wall Avenue and Riverdale Road, where the suspect, reportedly alone in the car, was shot. He was transported to an area hospital, reportedly in critical condition.

The officer or officers who fired their guns are believed to have been from the South Ogden Police Department, which did not confirm that fact. South Ogden Police officials say the Weber County Attorney’s Office will be handling the incident, and will release a statement later on Friday.


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