Police: Lehi man arrested after threatening father, moving into his home without permission

Dane Murdock. Photo Courtesy: Utah County Jail

UTAH COUNTY, Utah, April 23, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Lehi man was arrested Monday after he allegedly moved into his father’s house without permission and threatened violence.

A probable cause statement from Utah County said Dane Murdock, 24, is facing charges of threat of terrorism, a third-degree felony; violation of a protective order, two counts, a class A misdemeanor; domestic violence assault, a class B misdemeanor; and threat of violence, a class B misdemeanor.

Officers met with the reporting party, the father, Monday morning at the Lehi City Police Department, the statement said. It was reported that he needed help to evict his son.

The father said that last Thursday, his son, identified as Dane Murdock, arrived at his house unexpectedly to move back in.

“The reporting party said that they haven’t lived together in approximately six months because of previous issues that they have had together,” the statement said. “As Dane arrived, he opened the front door, which was accidentally left unlocked by the father, and he had his belongings with him.”

The father immediately told his son that he didn’t want him to be staying with him because he wanted his privacy and didn’t want any issues of what they have experienced in the past, the statement said. The father said multiple times that his son couldn’t stay at his house.

“After Dane was told this, he told his father that he is going to stay at his house and that if he calls the police, then he would f— him up,” the statement said. “Because of the reporting party’s age, this frightened him, and made him not call the police for many days.”

The arresting officer noted that as he was speaking with the father, he became very emotional and the officer “could see the fear in his eyes.”

“He would repeatedly cry about how he is scared that Dane would kill him one day and that Dane has been practicing throwing a knife that he has while saying that he would kill somebody one day and that he is a badass,” the statement said. “At this point, the father, while crying, said that he doesn’t know what to do.”

The father also explained that throughout the several days the son has been at his father’s house, unwanted, he was told many times to leave but refused. On Sunday night, the father stated that his son came back to his residence with a bag of marijuana and told him that if he called the police on him, then he would “f— him up.”

“During this statement, the father explained that Dane got in his face and flexed his muscles, while saying that he would f— him up if he reports this to the police,” the statement said. “The father provided me with the house key, giving me permission to go inside the house if needed. The father remained at the police department with tears of joy that his son would be evicted from his house.”

As officers arrived at the residence, they opened the front door while remaining outside of the house calling out the son’s name. As the arresting officer opened the door, he reported he smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from the residence.

After calling to the son a couple of times to come to the front door while showing officers his hands, he came out.

He was placed under arrest and put in the back seat of a patrol vehicle to be transported to Utah County Jail.

“It also should be noted that on the way to the jail, Dane would repeatedly utter things and at one point, said that he was going to get a group together, go to the house, pour gasoline on the floor, and light it on fire,” the statement said. This led to the felony threat of terrorism charge.

A no-contact order/protective order was requested, but it was subsequently found the son called his father twice from jail, which led to the two charges of violation of a protective order, a class A misdemeanor.

Murdock’s bail has been set at $6,650.


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