Police: Man booked on felony charge after admitting he threw dog off 5th floor balcony during ‘mental episode’

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File photo: Gephardt Daily

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah, Oct. 6, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A 32-year-old South Salt Lake man arrested and booked into jail after police say he admitted throwing his dog from a fifth-floor apartment balcony.

William Brandon Petersen, 32, was arrested on Tuesday for torture of a companion animal, a third-degree felony.

The dog was transported to an animal hospital with serious internal injuries, and veterinarians believe the animal may succumb to its injuries, the probable cause statement says.

South Salt Lake Police officers responded to a disturbance call in the area of 3848 S. West Temple early Tuesday, the probable cause statement says.

“The suspect, William Petersen, was found sitting on the sidewalk holding his small dog (Chihuahua),” the statement says. “Witnesses on scene reported to have seen a dog falling from the 5th floor of an apartment complex.

“William is deaf and communication was done through the use of a notepad. Questions were written down by officers and William answered them through writing as well. William expressed he was suffering from a mental episode.”

Petersen indicated he experienced “moments of anger and sadness during a short period of time,” the police statement says.

“William admitted to throwing his dog from his 5th story balcony. The dog was going in and out of consciousness and was believed to have sustained significant internal trauma.

“Officers rushed the dog to the nearest animal hospital. Staff at the animal hospital believe the dog may eventually succumb to its injuries.”

Petersen has since been released from jail with conditions.


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