Police: Man booked on suspicion of murder after shooting of friend in West Valley City

Glen Clark Hogue. Photo: Salt Lake County

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — A man is dead and the alleged shooter, who described the victim as his friend, is in custody after an incident early Tuesday morning in West Valley City.

West Valley City Police were called at about 12:46 a.m. to the scene, a motorhome parked outside a residence near 1500 W. Claybourne Ave., a statement from the WVCPD says.

Glen Clark Hogue, 58, has been booked into the Salt Lake County jail on suspicion of murder, a first-degree felony, his probable cause statement says.

“Hogue told dispatchers that a friend pulled out a gun and it was taken away from him. He stated that he shot the friend,” the statement says.

“During an interview and post Miranda (which the defendant waived), he told detectives that he had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana with the decedent. He stated the decedent went to show him he had a gun and the defendant took the gun from the decedent.”

Hogue said the decedent — identified in a West Valley City Police news release as Troy Frampton — then attempted to take the gun, and when he grabbed it, it went off accidentally into the floor.

“The defendant said he unloaded the gun and yelled at the decedent for bringing a loaded gun to his RV. He said over the next 15 to 20 minutes, the decedent ‘was up and down’ multiple times, acting calm and then belligerent and wanting his gun back.”

Hogue reportedly told police that “one point, while the decedent was belligerent, he racked a round into the chamber and told the decedent to calm down, which he did again. He said eventually the decedent was told he could leave via the defendant calling 911 or Uber. He said the decedent said he was going to go outside to wait for the Uber and they both stood up to leave the RV.

Hogue said he picked up the gun and had it in his hand as the decedent began to go down the stairs, the probable cause statement says.

“Then he (Frampton) turned and ‘attacked him’ by pushing him against the wall and punching him,” Hogue’s affidavit says. “He (Hogue) said as this happened, he pulled the gun up and ‘it went off,’ striking the decedent in the chest. He said he knew it hit him in the chest but that the decedent came after him again, swinging his fist towards him. He said he the gun ‘went off’ again he believed it struck or grazed the decedent by the ear and up into the roof of the RV. He said he then shoved the decedent to the ground and put the gun on the table and ‘stepped over him (Frampton)’ to go into the house to call 911.

“The defendant repeatedly told Officers and Detectives that ‘this was self-defense.'”

The West Valley City Police statement says the evidence did not match Hogue’s account of events.

“West Valley City investigators worked through the night, gathering evidence and conducting interviews. The evidence and information gathered through this investigation does not support the claim of self-defense, and Glen Hogue has been booked into the Salt Lake County Jail.”

Hogue is being held without bail.


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