Police: Ogden man returned to jail after threatening victim in stalking case

Christopher Brandon Dykes. Photo: Weber County

OGDEN, Utah, Aug. 19, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — An Ogden man is back in jail after allegedly threatening a woman he was charged with stalking earlier this month.

Christopher Brandon Dykes, 36, was arrested Monday on charges of witness tampering, a third-degree felony, and stalking, a class A misdemeanor.

A warrant in the case was filed by the Ogden Police officer who responded after the report of a threat.

“After making contact with the victim, I was able to hear an audio recording of the suspect yelling the victim’s name and telling her to drop the charges or she would be sorry,” said the officer’s statement in the Aug. 17 incident.

“Defendant currently has three pending cases involving violating a stalking injunction, involving this same victim. This yelling and threatening went on for about three minutes.”

The victim also showed the officer a copy of a temporary stalking injunction against Dykes.

“The stalking injunction clearly stated that the suspect was not supposed to contact the victim in any way or harass or make threats against the victim,” the officer’s statement says. “I found that the suspect was in violation of the stalking injunction.”

Dykes’ most recent previous arrest had been on Aug. 2, when he was charged with violation of a stalking injunction, a class A misdemeanor, and intoxication, a class C misdemeanor.

On that day, the charging document says that about about 1 a.m., “Dykes went to the victim’s house, who has an active, served stalking injunction against him. The injunction specifically bars Dykes from making threats, however in an audio recording captured by the victim, I heard Dykes say such things as, ‘I’m going to f—–g kick your door in and
f—–g murder you,’ and ‘After the cops leave, I’m going to come over there and murder you.'”

The officer wrote that Aug. 2 case that he recognized the signs of intoxication, and arrested Dykes at that time.

“I recognized, based off of my training and experience, that Dykes was intoxicated on alcohol and was clearly causing an unreasonable disturbance to his neighbor, the victim. Additionally, the nature of the threats Dykes was making show that he is danger to himself and others.”

As of Wednesday evening, Dykes remained in jail with his current bail set at $7,500.


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