Police seek suspect — and victim — in Thursday night shooting in Kearns

Police responded to several calls about shots fired near 4820 W. 5175 South in Kearns late Thursday night, June 1, 2017. Photo: Gephardt Daily/SLCScanner

KEARNS, Utah, June 1, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — Police responding to several calls about shots fired near 4820 W. 5175 South late Thursday night found that the shooter and the victim had already left the scene.

Unified Police Lt. Bill Robertson said the calls came in at about 10 p.m., and when officers arrived, they were told that the possible victim had gone to a house several houses down from where the shooting took place.

Witnesses at that house told police a man who came to the residence appeared to have a gunshot wound to his leg, Robertson said. The man was apparently seeking help, but left before police got there.

Police are looking for the victim, the shooter, and a white Charger that was seen fleeing shortly after the shots were fired.

Robertson said there were at least nine shots and, “in a neighborhood like this, where everything is kind of close, that’s very dangerous.” He added that several rounds went into the bedroom window of a nearby home and it was just lucky that no one was injured.

Robertson said there have been some conflicts recently between gangs in West Valley City and West Jordan, so officials will be looking into the possibility that this shooting may be gang related. One possible suspect has been implicated, and Robertson said police are getting some names of other parties who may have been involved.


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