Police: Teen charged with 8 felonies after shooting gun outside party in Salt Lake City

Isacc Brandon Trujillo. Photo: Salt Lake County

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, April 12, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — An 18-year-old man has been charged with eight felonies after police say he fired a gun outside of a party he was attending in Salt Lake City.

Isacc Brandon Trujillo was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Thursday on suspicion of seven charges of discharge of a firearm, a second-degree felony; and one charge of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, a third-degree felony.

A probable cause statement filed by an officer of the Salt Lake City Police Department says the SLCPD was called regarding shots fired on March 16, 2019, and responded to the area of 700 S. Jeremy St. (about 850 West).

“On arrival, seven spent .40 caliber bullet casings were found in front of the residence,” the statement says. “Six casings were found on the ground and one was found on a nearby vehicle several feet away.”

A witness from a neighboring house provided a short video clip of people fleeing the area, and said a fight had broken out before shots were fired. The video is low quality, but appears to show a man firing a handgun (captured as a muzzle flash) before fleeing.

Residents of the house involved said “they were having a party when the arrested person, Isacc Trujillo, began to flaunt a handgun in a dangerous manner while intoxicated. Several of the party attendees were interviewed and said that Isacc was asked to put the firearm away, and eventually, the magazine to his firearm
was removed.

“Later on in the evening while they were smoking a cigarette outside, they observed that Isacc had a backup magazine on his person that had fallen from his pants. They claimed that, due to Isacc’s behavior, they tackled Isacc to attempt to remove the firearm away from him. Several people reported that Isacc was able to load the magazine into the firearm and began to fire shots towards them during their attempt to physically take
the firearm away from him.”

One man suffered a gunshot graze wound to his hand, the statement says. That man ran south on Jeremy Street, “and was pursued by Isacc who was still wielding the gun.”

Police located a bloody basketball jersey, thrown into the bushes of a nearby business.

“During a forensic interview, Isacc admitted that the jersey belonged to him,” the probable cause statement says. “There is also video footage at a nearby 7-Eleven that
shows Brandon Doyle sprinting towards the store. Brandon is seen attempting to stop a vehicle to ask for help, but the vehicle drives away. Brandon arrives at the store and is soon shown being picked up by a black Jeep.”

A warrant served on the vehicle in which Trujillo arrived at the party turned up a box for a .40 caliber Glock, along with multiple boxes of ammunition.

On Wednesday, Trujillo was located by the Murray Police Department and turned over to the Salt Lake City Police Department. When found, he had a .40 caliber Glock handgun, the probable cause statement says.

Post Miranda, Trujillo told SLCPD interviewers that he had been at the party with a .40 caliber pistol “… which he explained he carries for protection…. Isacc explained that he was suddenly assaulted by several of the party attendees while he was smoking a
cigarette outside of (the Jeremy Street residence). Isacc stated that he felt that the assault was severe enough that he needed to defend himself with his firearm.

“He stated that he was able to grab his gun, remove a spare magazine from his pocket, loaded the magazine, and then began firing the gun while he was on the floor being actively assaulted. Isacc stated that he then fled the area southbound and that it was in fact him who was being pursued by others.”

Trujillo said he had sold the gun he took to the party, and the Glock he had when apprehended was a different gun.

“Isacc stated that at that party where he possessed the firearm for self defense, that he had been smoking marijuana,” the statement says. “He also admitted to smoking marijuana approximately two hours prior to arriving at the party.”

Trujillo’s bail was set at $250,000.


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