Popular Salt Lake City eatery closed for filth, rodent infestation

Ho Ho Gourmet. Photo: Google Earth

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 29, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A popular Chinese restaurant in Salt Lake City has been closed by the health department for issues including dirt, mold and rodent infestations.

The Ho Ho Gourmet, 1504 S. State St., was cited for three dozen violations. The list includes:

  • Mouse droppings in basement preparation and storage areas
  • A mouse infestation in the basement preparation area
  • Open rodent bait stations stored in service areas
  • Food containers being used to store toxic materials (sanitizer)
  • Food being kept at unsafe temperatures
  • Dirty shelves, gaskets, containers, cooler handles, floor sinks, floors and microwave interior
  • Improperly labeled food containers and chemical sprays
  • Various damaged wall and floor surfaces
  • Inlet to crab tank below the water-level line
  • Walk-in cooler walls are moldy

The restaurant will remain closed until all issues are resolved and the facility passes a new inspection.


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