Provo Animal Control, Wildlife Resources investigate cougar sighting in city

Image courtesy: Provo Police Dept. on Facebook

PROVO, Utah, Feb. 12, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — The Provo Police Department is asking people to be aware of the possibility that a cougar has been prowling in the city.

In a Facebook post on Monday, police said Provo Animal Control officers are working with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to investigate a cougar sighting.

“Two weeks ago a woman reported a cougar in her yard in the area of 2770 N. Foothill Dr. Today a resident in the same block found three animal carcasses in her yard. A dog, a cat, a raccoon were found mauled and partially consumed. D.W.R. is examining those animals to determine if they were in fact killed by a cougar,” the Facebook post states.

Police want to remind everyone that “one of the great things about living in Provo” is the fact that residents share the habitat with wildlife.

Cougar sightings are rare, they said, because the animal is secretive and a nocturnal hunter; however, anyone who sees a cougar in the city should call the police or DWR.

The post includes a link to information from the DWR about staying safe in cougar country. To view that information, click here.


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