Provo man facing attempted murder charge after allegedly choking girlfriend

Luke John Battiloro. Photo Courtesy: Utah County Jail

PROVO, Utah, May 1, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Provo man is facing an attempted murder charge after he allegedly choked his girlfriend and threw her down a set of stairs.

A probable cause statement from Utah County said Luke John Battiloro, 37, was arrested Monday. Besides the attempted murder charge, a first-degree felony, he is facing charges of aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony; aggravated assault, a third-degree felony; and criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor.

Officers responded to an address in Provo for a domestic violence incident Monday, the probable cause statement said. Officers arrived and found that no one would come to the door. Information was given that there were juveniles in the home.

“The victim, the suspect’s girlfriend who he had been in a relationship with for over one year, had sent her mother pictures indicating she had been assaulted and was hurt,” the statement said. “After arriving officers saw a female in the kitchen that would not respond to officers. It was later found that the female was a juvenile and was told not to answer the door by her father, the suspect.”

Information was also given that there were possibly weapons in the home. The children were removed from the home and given to their biological mother. Officers then announced into the home who they were and called for the suspect to come out.

“It was found that the victim had multiple injuries,” the statement said. “The victim and the suspect had gotten into a discussion about the custody the victim has with her child’s father. The suspect became upset, grabbed the victim by the arms and threw her against the wall outside their bedroom. This caused two large holes in the sheet rock. The victim stated she crumbled to the ground and tried to get up.”

When she was able to stand, the victim stated Battiloro grabbed her from behind and placed his hands around her neck. The suspect tightened his grip on her neck while physically lifting her off the ground.

“The suspect then walked with the victim off the ground, to the stairs that go down to the basement,” the statement said. “The suspect then threw the victim down the stairs, causing her to hit the banister with her body and hitting her head on the right side.”

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The victim stated she lost consciousness and woke up dazed and unable to move. When she was able to move again the victim stated the suspect told her he was having a heart attack and feigned being hurt.

“The victim was scared and stated she told him to call an ambulance, but he refused,” the statement said. “The suspect then told the victim they were going to bed and forced her into the bedroom. The suspect then got upset telling the victim she needed to get all of her belongings out of his house and leave because he was not going to get in trouble for her.”

The victim calmed the suspect down and they went to bed at approximately 4 a.m.

The victim sent her mother pictures of her injuries and told her the suspect threw her down the stairs. The victim stated her head hurt and she was dizzy most of the day. After telling her mother about what happened the victim stated Battiloro would not let her leave the room.

Officers tried calling the victim to see if she was OK and in the home. The suspect told the victim, while sitting in the room, to lie to officers and tell them she wasn’t home. The victim did so out of fear.

After officers entered the home the victim was found in a bedroom in the basement.
The suspect was taken into custody.

The victim sustained deep bruising on multiple parts of her body and her neck from being choked, and had a concussion.

The suspect refused to talk with officers about the situation.

The court found that Battiloro would constitute a substantial danger to other persons or to the community or is likely to flee the jurisdiction of the court if released on bail; and also that he committed the felony while on probation or parole, or while free on bail awaiting trial on a previous felony charge. He is being held without bail at Utah County Jail.


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