Provo and Orem consider merging dispatch centers

A working group of administrative and public safety officials from Provo and Orem have been studying the pros and cons of merging the two cities' dispatch centers. Photo:

PROVO, Utah, May 20, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — A working group of administrative and public safety officials from both cities is prepared to present to the Provo and Orem city councils their initial findings in favor of combining the sister cities’ emergency dispatch centers.

The preliminary concept is that Provo would “assimilate” Orem’s staff, according to the study.

For the past several months, the panel has been evaluating the pros and cons of consolidation and has reached an initial conclusion that such an action makes sense, according to a post Friday on Provo’s Facebook page and Mayor Michelle Kaufusi’s website.

After exploring governance, financial, and human resources issues, “the working group has concluded that there is a high likelihood that such a project could be successful and beneficial for the residents of both cities,” the post reads.

“While phase one of the study looked at improvements in function, efficiency, and effectiveness, phase two, if approved by both councils, will dive deeper into the details … If we continue to see significant advantages to both cities and to our residents, a proposed agreement will be presented to both cities.”

Key concepts outlined include starting with a short-term service contract with a three-year goal of establishing an inter-local pact and “having Provo assimilate Orem dispatch employees.”


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