Rescue of Four Stranded on Mount Nebo Successful

Four Stranded Mount Nebo
Photo Courtesy: Juab County Sheriff's Office

MOUNT NEBO, UTAH – August 18, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – Two search and rescue missions to get to four people trapped on Mount Nebo were successful this morning.

Juab County Sheriff’s Office said for the second time in three days the Juab County Search and Rescue in conjunction with the Utah County Search and Rescue teams was called out to rescue an injured hiker on Mt. Nebo, in the early hours of this morning.

This incident involved two teenage males who were on the ridge between the middle and north peaks of Mt. Nebo. The sheriff’s office said in a statement: “One of the males is injured and can’t proceed any further. The Department of Public Safety Air Bureau is on scene and is unable to effect a rescue due to very high winds. Ground rescue efforts have also been terminated for the night.

“A care package was delivered by helicopter to the hikers to help them get through the night. Further rescue attempts will begin again at first light.”

While conducting that rescue operation on Mt. Nebo, a second call for help was requested in the same area. That report was for two overdue hunters who were dropped off yesterday and failed to show up at their pick up location.

The statement continued: “While searching the area, two Juab County Search and Rescue Team members saw two flares that had been launched in the bottom of Nebo Creek.

“The Department of Public Safety Air Bureau was dispatched to the area and were able to locate the hunters who had become stranded on a ledge and were unable to go any further.
Search and Rescue Team Members were air lifted to within one mile of their location and are currently effecting the rescue operation.”

This morning at around 8 a.m., the Juab County Search and Rescue Team reported it was able to get to the stranded hunters in the Nebo Creek drainage, get and them off the cliff. They guided the men east down to the Nebo Creek Road where they were picked up by Deputies from Utah and Juab Counties. Both hikers are in great condition.

The Mt. Nebo rescue resumed at first light this morning. The Department of Public Safety Air Bureau was able to perform a skid loading rescue. Both teenagers were flown to Central Valley Medical Center in Nephi. Both are in good condition.


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