Rescue pup with medical need for ‘high chair’ gets donations during FanX

Little Girl is shown feeding in the box her caretakers currently use to keep her upright during and after feedings. Photo: Ruff Patch Rescue

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 8, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A 12-week-old cattle dog named Little Girl drew her own fan following when she attended 2021 FanX last month in Salt Lake City with her caretakers from Ruff Patch Rescue.

Little Girl was born with a medical condition that requires her to sit upright while eating and remain upright for 45 minutes while she digests her meal.

During FanX, Ruff Patch Rescue received donations of $600 toward a Bailey chair for Little Girl. It’s a high chair for dogs, which Little Girl will need once she outgrows her current feeding box.

Little Girl was stationed in the Green Room, an area used by celebrity guests before and between appearances. Other adoptable puppies from Ruff Patch also were present, and FanX celebrities played with the pups, posed for pictures, and made donations to the cause.

Voice actress and FanX celebrity Christina Vee is shown posing with a Ruff Patch Rescue puppy during FanX in September of this year. Photo: Ruff Patch Rescue

“Not only are we thankful to celebrity guests who made generous donations to us during the event, but we’re also grateful to them for taking photos and videos with our animals on social media,” said Stacie Ward, Ruff Patch Rescue president.

“We got publicity for Little Girl and our cause because of them.”

Little Girl is shown napping, upright, in her current feeding box after a meal. Photo: Ruff Patch Rescue


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