NEW: $10,000 Reward Offered For Information Leading To Safe Return Of Missing St. George Teen Macin Smith

Mother Of Missing St. George Teen Macin Smith
Tracey Bratt and her son, Macin. Photo Courtesy: Macin Smith Family

ST. GEORGE, Utah, Feb. 1, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — For the parents of missing St. George teen Macin Smith, his return would be priceless.

Today, on the five month anniversary of Macin’s disappearance, his family announced that later this week a new flyer will be distributed that offers a $10,000 reward for his safe return.

Macin’s mom, Tracey Bratt-Smith, told Gephardt Daily: “This weekend we were pleasantly surprised by a very generous donor who contributed to Macin’s reward by $5,000. We are going to clean out Macin’s account and add it to that sum and the total reward that will be offered for information leading to the return of Macin will be $10,000. This will be on new BOLOs (Be on the lookout’s) this week.”

Macin, 17, walked away from his home Sept. 1 when his parents thought he was on his way to school. He left behind his cell phone, wallet and laptop. He did leave a note, which his parents discovered a week later, but its contents have never been made public.

Macin has not been heard from since. Early indications were that he might have headed to Las Vegas, but there have been no confirmed sightings. Extensive searches by professional organizations have turned up nothing, and a $1,000 reward offered for credible information remains unclaimed. That $1,000 reward was then boosted to $5,000 by a GoFundMe page, and the additional $5,000 added by a donor.

Bratt-Smith has posted Facebook updates in tribute to her son almost every day to the 14,503 members of the Help Find Macin Smith page on Facebook.

Monday’s entry reads, in part:

1 February 2016

Dear Macin’s Army:

It’s officially five months today that Macin walked off to who knows where and unknowing what his intent was. We haven’t had any substantial leads and it is almost like he was plucked up from the front of our house as no one remembers seeing anything that day/week. Family and friends continue to mourn his absence. He is beloved. He is celebrated. He is missed beyond words.

So incredibly touched and thankful for all of you and your support not only financially, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My family and I have been carried continually by this army. New BOLOs will be made and updated on the billboards we do have, we will get that out to the public as soon as possible.

Also, meeting with a new detective this Friday that will hopefully be a set of fresh eyes on the case. There’s been minimal posts here as there has been no new information to roll out. But we are once again renewed and will plunge forward this new year.

I would ask this of all of you… Everyone has had to deal with loss of some sort. What has been your most effective way of coping?? What keeps you from giving up?? Not everyone has a happy ending when they lose someone. How do you stay positive? Thank you and God Bless.

The Momma

Speaking to Gephardt Daily, Bratt-Smith added: “It’s funny how one day or even one part of the day you can be ‘up’ and feel optimistic and then the very next moment feel despair. I could have never predicted that Macin would be missing this long. Even overnight would of been a shock initially to me. He would write me little notes on scrap paper if he were shooting hoops down the street to let me know where he was.

“My heart is still fractured and yet I read other families ‘missing’ stories and know we are not alone in our struggles. I have so much compassion for anyone who has had to endure such pain of missing a child and having no answers to cling to. So with the help of friends and family, we will recommit our efforts.

“Someone had to have seen something in the last five months that can provide clues to his whereabouts. It was encouraging going to Salt Lake City this weekend and have people recognize me and know Macin’s story. I had total strangers approach me and ask me for hugs. I love that kind of support. Makes me feel like there are so many eyes out there looking for Macin.”

Macin is 6-feet-4-inches and 200 pounds. He has light blue eyes, and he had short blond hair when he went missing.

The Smith family moved to St. George from Canada in 2015, and Macin had been their last child living at home.

Anyone with information on Macin should contact the St. George Police Department at 435-627-4300, or David Cummings at Red Rock Search and Rescue on 702-787-4068.

Click here to watch the first or second part of our exclusive interview with Macin’s parents, Tracey and Darrin.


  1. This situation is odd because the kid DID leave a note, but “its contents have never been made public”? Why have they never been made public? Sounds like the kid left on his own. Sad for Mama, to be sure, but I want to know what was in the note. If he left on his own, well, he left for some reason.

    • Hello Jake, The content of the letter has never been completely disclosed, but it suggested Macin considered harming himself.

    • They won’t disclose the contents of the note likely because it details the psychological abuse his parents put him through, and would shed a great deal of light on why he would leave home, abandon his family, and stay out of contact with them for over 6 months now.

      • What is wrong with you people? Seriously? His note has been gone over by professionals, there are no clues within it. Your “wanting” to read about his personal issues is really disgusting and disturbing and for no other reason than sick curiosity. His personal thoughts are not there for your amusement. No mother would subject their child to the public’s scrutiny, to your scrutiny. Instead of spouting off presumptions and misinformation you should try praying for Macin and his family. Instead of passing judgement you could act like a descent human being.

  2. always thought the note might hold clues or special meaning or something to someone to help find him, reading it from a different viewpoint or perspective, finding hidden meanings. crowd sourcing so that he can be found. seems like the only clue there is.

  3. The note is private and not going to be made public. I am certain the police investigators have read it to help in their investigation. When Macin does return, he will not need the world to know of his inner battles. Give the family their privacy.
    As for how to deal with grief and continual sadness and powerlessness ( my husband of 39 years passed away 2 and 1/2 years ago after an 8 month battle with lung cancer (both sets of our parents had passed away over the 11 previous years)). I can tell you the only way I have come through all of that sadness is to apply the Atonement to my pain. It is amazing the healing power that comes from this great gift we have all been given.
    I know my circumstances are completely different from yours but I still believe this gift can help give you the strength you need to get through this most challenging trial. God bless you all. I pray that Macin is found safe and sound and will be returned home into his parents loving arms.

    • Your post highlights quite well the mental delusions that Macin was escaping from, that his family had been exposing him to. Parents who were rejecting who he was based on those delusional fantasy religious beliefs.

      Soon he will be legally an adult and out of the control and authority of them. Perhaps then he will choose to contact them, where there won’t be anyone who can try to force him to go back there.

      • What is wrong with you? YOU sound morbid with your conclusions(wrong) and you NEED to know extremely personal things about Macin and his family. Please back off and let the family deal with Macin disappearance and MOM and DAD you are now and have always been in my daily prayers.

    • there are some seriously ridiculous questions asked here. Have the parents been investigated? I bet the police read that and palmed their foreheads thinking “why didn’t we think of that?”. I’ll bet they didn’t even think to go through his phone and computer either or talk to his friends and teachers at his school…maybe you should call the authorities and tell them how to do their job. (yes, that is sarcasm, and no it accomplishes nothing, but really; try using some common sense and a little intelligence before responding, mix in some human kindness while you are at it)

    • Tracy Smith, I just watched the case about Macin on ID, I have read some of the comments I am sorry that some have chosen to attack you, your family, along with your choice of religion not to mention your feelings or actions on Macin’s sexual preferences(even if it was true) which no one has any right as they probably don’t know any of you so how could they know how you thought or acted toward your son! I have three sons I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of losing even one of them whether he was gay or not it would not change your love for him. I would think people could understand how much pain you are in without adding to it with their cruel innuendos and unfounded suspensions some people can be really obtuse. I sincerely hope Macin will be found alive and well I know it has been three long years but it probably seems like a lifetime. May God bless and keep Macin safe my prayers are with you and Macin

  4. Based on what his mother has said in all interviews it sounds like his dad was emotionally and psychologically abusive. It’s hard being a teen in Utah. Kids are mean. And to have to come home to a garbage home situation or an overbearing parent is daily hell. I tried to commit suicide four times as a teen. Macin was smart enough to leave home to attempt suicide. That way he couldn’t be found or “saved”. I hope his dad learns not to be such a dickhead.

  5. First thoughts: He looks incredibly pale in the photos, a paleness I’ve only seen in cancer patients and opiate addicts. Did Macin have a drug problem in addition to his depression? If so, that adds another layer of possibilities to his disappearance. His family appears to be Mormon, which is the norm in Utah (but can mean a restrictive lifestyle compared to teens of other faiths/no faith). What was his behavior like in the weeks and months leading up to his disappearance? Was he attempting to rebel or pull back from family events?

    It’s possible this Canadian teen underestimated the risks of venturing out into the desert by himself and succumbed to the elements by accident. Of course there’s the other possibility: that he chose to end it himself due to depression, shame, guilt, etc. If we had even an INKLING of the note’s contents we would be better able to determine his state of mind, but that’s up to the family to share (or not).

    Best of luck to you all ~~~<3

    • I have very fair skin, or am “extremely pale” and I sure am glad I don’t have cancer or a drug problem! Just a white chick with light colored hair and light eyes. Sometimes, people are just white.

  6. It’s obvious the note he left detailed some very personal disturbing issues that the family doesn’t want to be made public. This would be out of respect for the privacy of Macin and the Smith family. It doesn’t matter what the issues were in the note. It’s clear that he had problems and wanted to leave. The Smith family has indicated that he said “I’m done” in the note. This makes it clear he was suicidal. Leaving with just the clothes on his back with no money, ID or communication devices point to his suicidal intentions.
    What makes this case odd is that his body was not found. It was noted that 30 to 40 square miles of desert surrounding his home was searched by experts aided by dogs. Strange his body was not found.
    Somebody knows something.

  7. Sad story. I just watched this on Investigation Discovery and a few things strike me. Nobody seems overly distraught. Having had to deal with “Christian” parents, I could understand why one needs to walk away sometimes. My home life was hell. Perhaps if his idiotic parents didn’t take his phone away they’d be able to locate him. At 17, you are pretty much an adult. It’s a little beyond having a “10 o’clock curfew”, and “your grounded” days. I ran away from home, started a new life, went to college and now manage a bank.

    • Your “Christian Parents” are yours and yours alone. I have a 15 year old daughter and guess what I do when she tries to stay up all night on her computer… at that age they don’t think that getting sleep is important they think about what they want. While your managing your bank can you go without sleep to do so? No, you have learned to take care of yourself so your mind functions so you can do your duties. Who taught you that? Your idiotic parents perhaps? When you ran away maybe you should have taught yourself not to categorize all parents from the ones you have, or maybe you should realize your parents may have provided you with the foundation to become successful.

  8. His parents sound very strict but no matter how strict they were no one deserves to lose their child like that. I’m a young mom I can remember having my crap taken away and being angry and I went through issues with my parents and thought they didn’t care about me. It was just me and my mom because my dad just decided to walk out on us when I was a young kid. I know even though my mom was never gonna be mom of the year she did her best. I think some of the rules were a little rediculous for Macin but I’m not his mother so… Anyways I do have a baby and I can’t imagine losing her or anything bad happening to her. I hope you find your son alive Tracey I’m very sorry you’re going through this there are some rude comments on here you shouldn’t have to read

  9. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that the letter was about the cult like bullying that Macin may have experienced being involved in the Mormon church. The only words the parents released from the letter is “I’m done”. Done with the church I bet. Maybe he disappeared because he made arrangement to be rescued and take on a new life. There are groups that will help you do that.

  10. Why is everyone assuming this is a religious thing? Because they moved from Canada to Utah to be close to his father? Open your minds, think outside the box. Not everyone in Utah is a sister wife.

  11. As someone​ who has experienced the effects of suicide, and who has also considered “running away”, or more so “disappearing”, I don’t think this boy is dead. I think he disappeared because that’s exactly what he wanted. He probably chose not to take his belongings for a reason – starting over, not wanting to be traced, identified or asked to come home. Not taking anything with him was probably his way of cutting ties with his life in Utah.
    He must have really been suffering, if he felt that he’d be better off on his own, with no financial support or a proper home, instead of staying where he was. But I do think he’s out there, I just think he truly doesn’t want to be found

  12. One of his parents is not religious, so people have to stop speculating that he lived in an abusive religious household. His whole family is fair skinned so I extremely doubt a kid who loved anime did drugs or other illicit activities. He had bright, healthy eyes and my heart goes out to his family and his parents. I’m sure his parents feel enough grief and maybe even remorse. We should be supportive to them in helping them find their son. The content of the letter is worthless to us at this point. My only hope is that he is found as soon as possible.


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