Review: Cavalia’s Awe-Inspiring ‘Odysseo’ Offers Family Entertainment

Odysseo 4
40,000 gallons of water fill the stage during "Odysseo." Photo Courtesy: Cavalia

SANDY, Utah, April 22, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — “Odysseo,” an equestrian-themed theatrical show being performed under a 125-foot-tall big top in Sandy, elevates live entertainment to a level rarely seen.

The show opens with a scene set in an enchanted forest where horses are seen under rolling clouds as they prepare to set out on a mystic journey that leads them through many different cultures.

During their voyage, the audience sees 48 diverse artists, including African acrobats, urban-styled stilters and aerialists, and skilled equestrians from around the world. Sixty-five male horses also perform in “Odysseo.”

As the show’s story progresses through the seasons, different visual backdrops are projected onto an 8,400-square-foot screen.

Valentina Spreca, the lead vocalist, is accompanied by a live violist, bass player, guitarist, and drummer. She stands high above the scenery as she sings.

At the end of the journey, the stage fills with nearly 40,000 gallons of water. Backed by a projected waterfall, the horses, riders and artists all promenade and splash through the newly formed lagoon.

Trina Nicholson and Cheryl Hunt, both of Salt Lake City, who each grew up raising horses, said they understand what goes into training the animals. It takes countless hours, days and years to build a trusting relationship between a horse and its trainer.

“People do not understand that when horses are walking through, they are not just walking through,” Nicholson said. “They have been taught a certain type of walk and then they have to change that walk mid-way. It’s really complicated, a lot more than it looks. The bond between the trainers and their horses is truly special.”

The two expected the show to be mainly about horses, and were pleased by the performances of the acrobats, and by the athletic nature of the performers.

“I was not expecting that, I was pleasantly surprised,” Hunt said. “The live music and the singing, the colors, it all just comes together and is so visually stimulating.”

Greg Townsend and Candice Booker, who just moved to Utah from Texas, said the show is worth every single penny.

“This was the first time we have seen anything like this, I can see why they called it the most amazing show,” Townsend said. “The horses are truly majestic.”

Booker agreed. “Everything about it is amazing,” she said. “You can see how much time they took in putting it together, everything about it is worth spending the money for.”

“Odysseo” plays until May 16, with both day and nighttime performances. Tickets are $39.50 to $249.50 and can be purchased on the Cavalia website, or by going to the box office located in the parking lot of South Towne Center.


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