Salt Lake County man allegedly cut estranged wife’s brake lines

Andrew Skyler Walker. Photo Courtesy: Salt Lake County

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah, Dec. 31, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A Salt Lake County man allegedly cut his estranged wife’s brake lines, officials said, leading to a criminal homicide charge.

A probable cause statement from the 3rd District Court of Salt Lake County said Andrew Skyler Walker, 25, is facing charges of:

  • Criminal homicide by assault, a first-degree felony (likely to be adjusted since the victim did not die)
  • Three charges of rape, a first-degree felony
  • Criminal trespass within a dwelling, a class A misdemeanor
  • Stalking, a class A misdemeanor

On Dec. 20, a home break-in report was filed with the Riverton Police Department, the statement said. The victim informed officers and detectives she has lived with family in Riverton for several months, while she and her estranged husband, Walker, go through a divorce.

“Victim informed police Andrew broke into her family’s home around 2 a.m.” the statement said. “Victim said she was downstairs and heard a noise upstairs. Victim contacted a family member to see if they were awake and walking around upstairs. Victim did not hear back from her family member, so she grabbed a butcher knife and started walking upstairs.”

The victim said when she got upstairs, she observed Walker sitting on the couch, the statement said. He told the victim he wanted to talk to her. The victim said her family member woke up at this time and observed Walker inside of their home. The victim then contacted the Riverton Police Department. The suspect left the home before police arrived.

The victim informed police of three times she said the suspect had raped her in the last few months, when he was intoxicated with alcohol, the statement said. The victim stated in August/September of 2019, she was inside the condo she and Walker owned, however, they were not living together. The victim said Walker came to the house and began to hug her in bed, then became very aggressive and forced himself on top of her. The victim said Walker held her arms down and began raping her. The victim told officials she told Walker to stop.

“Victim said Andrew told her the next day he knew she didn’t want to have sex, and he supposed he was in the wrong,” the statement said. “Victim stated during this rape incident, Andrew was hurting her arms, and she remembers fearing Andrew physically hurting her at this time. Victim stated Andrew has always been emotionally and mentally abusive, but this time she was scared about physical abuse.”

The victim stated there were two more similar incidents in October and November 2019. She said each time Walker would come into the home intoxicated with alcohol. She told officials both sexual assaults were very similar in nature.

“Victim said she was asleep when Andrew would come hug her and hold her down, so he could have sexual intercourse with her,” the statement said. “Victim said on one of these rape incidents, she pretended to be asleep, as she did not want him to see her awake. Victim did not give consent to Andrew to have sex with her.”

On the afternoon of Dec. 28, the victim informed police the brake lines to her vehicle were cut and the oil pan was also emptied. The victim told officials Walker is a mechanic.

“Detectives located video surveillance from a neighboring resident which shows Andrew pulling up to the victim’s residence and messing with her vehicle,” the statement said. “The intention to cause serious bodily injury to another and Andrew committing
an act which is clearly dangerous to human life, detectives will file an attempted homicide charge for the brake line being cut.”

Walker has left notes and pieces of the victim’s mail at her home in Riverton stating he had the victim’s mail, and to call him to meet him for it.

On Dec. 29, several officers and detectives located and arrested Walker.

“When speaking to Andrew, he informed detectives he still cared about the victim, and wanted to get back together with her,” the statement said. “Shortly after this, Andrew informed detectives he wanted his lawyer. No further interview was continued.”

Walker was transported to the Salt Lake County Jail, where he is being held without bail.


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