Salt Lake County will not extend public mask mandate beyond Saturday

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah, April 7, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Salt Lake County will not extend its public mask mandate when the current state order ends Saturday, officials said Wednesday.

The move comes on the recommendation of Salt Lake County Health Director Gary Edwards and was announced by Salt Lake County Council in a news conference Wednesday morning.

Salt Lake County Council Chair Steve DeBry said at the news conference: “Government is not mandating that citizens wear masks. We encourage you to choose to do so when and where it is prudent. Together we can return to normal and enjoy the activities we did before COVID-19.”

Masks will still be required in some places, officials said. Masks can be required at locations with more than 50 people; grocery stores such as Smith’s and Harmons have all already announced they will continue to require face coverings.

Masks will also be required in K-12 schools, county-owned facilities and on public transportation.

County Mayor Jenny Wilson issued the state’s first mask mandate last June.

Wilson posted the following statement on Facebook Tuesday:

“Salt Lake County residents should continue to wear masks while in public until many more of our residents receive the vaccine and we are closer to herd immunity. Businesses, large and small, should continue the requirement as well. Masks will be required for the foreseeable future in all SLCo owned and operated facilities.

“At most, only 32% of Salt Lake County residents are immune, and children will not be able to receive the vaccine for months. There is still risk to those not vaccinated. We are closing in on the end of this challenge. Let’s live what we all know works and continue to wear masks until our workers and kids get vaccinated or until herd immunity is reached.”


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