Sandy police urge caution after stopping driver traveling highway speed on city street

Photo: Sandy City Police

SANDY, Utah, June 8, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Sandy City police say driving well over the speed limit is not only stupid, it’s dangerous and expensive.

“75 in a 40!,” says an SCPD statement, referring to the speed and speed limit where a suspect was stopped.

“Last night a Sandy Police Officer stopped a car traveling 75 mph (freeway speeds) near 8680 S. State St., earning the driver a citation for reckless driving and speeding.

“A driver traveling this speed will cover over 165 feet on average before being able to react to a hazard in the roadway and then will take an average 267 additional feet to come to a complete stop.”

A citation for speeding 35 mph over the speed limit could cost as much as $520, the statement says, “and reckless driving could cost as much as $690.”

That maximum total would be $1,210.

“These dollar amounts are insignificant compared to the tragic results of a collision at that speed,” the police statement says. “Please remember to slow down and drive safe.”


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