Saratoga Springs warn residents after 2 firearms found at south end of city

File photo: Max Pixel

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah, May 30, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Saratoga Springs police are warning residents to take care after two firearms believed to have been used for target shooting were found at the south end of the city.

“We appreciate the residents who immediately reported to the police department the firearms they found,” Saratoga Springs PD posted on Facebook Thursday.

“Our officers safely recovered two firearms from the Lake Mountain Estates area on the south end of the city. Based on the proximity of the firearms near the mountain, we believe the firearms were used for target shooting and left on top of the vehicle as the owner drove away.”

The post said officers surveyed the area to ensure that no other firearms were left discarded.

“Firearm owners, please ensure that all firearms used for target shooting are securely put away in a vehicle and unloaded before and after each use,” the post said. “Teach children not to touch or play with firearms, and to inform an adult right away and if a firearm is found to report it to police.”

The post said anyone who finds a firearm or anything that presents a public safety concern is asked to immediately inform the Saratoga Springs Police Department at 801-766-6503.


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