School Placed On Lockdown Following Shooting In Taylorsville

Shooting In Taylorsville
A shooting occurred at Meadow Wood Way in Taylorsville Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Gephardt Daily/ Kurt Walter

TAYLORSVILLE, UTAH – October 20, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — Unified Police said a school was placed on soft lockdown due to a shooting at 4760 South 3335 West Tuesday afternoon.

Arcadia Elementary School at 3461 West 4850 South was placed on lockdown soon after 1 p.m. after a witness thought they saw someone running through their yard and scaling a fence following a shooting from the backseat of one vehicle at the occupants of another.

Police officers were immediately stationed in the parking lot of the school and the area was cleared by canines. It is thought the lockdown will be lifted by the time school lets out.

Lt. Lex Bell, Unified Police Department, said the situation began at Meadow Wood Way at 1:02 p.m. when witnesses said a silver Chevy Blazer with a temporary permit pulled up to an intersection. Two females, a male and a pit bull got out and were standing next to the vehicle. A gold-ish silver colored Saturn then pulled up and the occupant in the backseat started shooting at the occupants of the Chevy Blazer. The Saturn then fled east and the Chevy Blazer went north. There was no permanent licence plate on either vehicle.

The police were unable to locate either the suspects or the victims, and there was no glass, plastic or car parts left in the road, so there is no indication yet that anyone or anything was hit. There were shell casings found in the road, so Lt. Bell said the shots may have been fired into the air an an intimidation tactic. There is no indication that the occupants of the Chevy Blazer shot back.

Lt. Bell said the shooting occurred in a quiet area and no-one recognized either vehicle so police think the situation may have started elsewhere and ended up in Meadow Wood Way.

“We are left with more questions than answers at this point,” said Lt. Bell. “At this point we want to locate both vehicles, we are also checking hospitals for victims with gunshot wounds but no-one has come in yet. Please be aware and be on the lookout for either of those vehicles.”

Anyone with information should contact Unified Police Department at 801.743.7000.


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