Second roof collapse in 24 hours in Mountain Green

Photo: Mountain Green Fire Department
MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah, April 1, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — Heavy snow scored its second roof collapse in 24 hours Friday night in Mountain Green, and third in a month.
Luckily none have resulted in injury, according to the Mountain Green Fire Protection District. “The second roof collapse in the Highland subdivision in 24 hours,” reads the district’s statement on social media Friday night. “This home on Gordon Creek Drive also succumbed to excess rooftop snow.”
The garage roof had caved-in, damaging enough of the home to make it uninhabitable, according to the online post. Firefighters assisted the resident, who had “self-evacuated,” in re-entering the home, which had significant structural damage, to retrieve important medications and electronics. “Firefighters also donned snowshoes and took gas readings in order to fully assess the damage.”
Thursday night’s collapse also left the home uninhabitable. “Tonight another roof has collapsed due to heavy snow, this one was also on Sierra Drive in the Highlands subdivision,” the fire district posted.
“The garage roof totally collapsed due to the weight of the snow, damaging the rest of the home.” The uninjured occupant was able to escape from the undamaged portion of the home, but the collapse cut a natural gas line.
This home is across the street from the home whose garage roof collapsed a few weeks ago. “(Firefighters) once again used snowshoes to assess damage, then controlled the gas leak, took gas readings and shut off the electric.”
Photo Mountain Green Fire Department


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