Woman Hit By Semi On I-15 Identified As Mother Of Five

Emily Syches
Emily Dyches of Salem died after being struck by a semi on I-15. Photo Courtesy: Emily Dyches Facebook

NEPHI, Utah, Feb. 24, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A woman who died after running into the path of a semi on I-15 near Nephi Wednesday afternoon has been identified.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Todd Royce said the victim was 39-year-old Emily Dyches, of Salem.

Royce said the incident happened at approximately 2:30 p.m. when Dyches, a passenger in a Honda Pilot, took off her seat belt and tried to get out of the the car.

The driver pulled over to the right shoulder and stopped while trying to keep Dyches inside the vehicle, but she was able to get out of the car. She ran to the back of the car and into the path of an oncoming semi.

The driver of the semi attempted to stop but was unable to avoid hitting Dyches, who died at the scene.

A post on Dyches’ Facebook page says her husband is the current bishop of the Salem Loafer View Ward. She leaves behind five children.

A Salem woman died after being stuck by a semi on I-15 Wednesday afternoon. Photo Courtesy: UHP
A Salem woman died after being stuck by a semi on I-15 Wednesday afternoon. Photo Courtesy: UHP

The incident is still under investigation.



  1. I feel for all involved.However, due to unfortunate mental issues, you’ve listed the “victim ” backwards. Sad that someone is so depressed that the truck driver and the driver she was with are the true VICTIMS. Nay God Be WITH THE VICTIMS Left Behind By THE SELFISHNESS of a suicidal person.

  2. You don’t know her and you have no idea what you’re talking about. Please don’t post hateful, hurtful things like this that her family might read. You are the selfish person here.

  3. Emily is a beautiful, sweet, loving, caring wife, mother and she was friendly to all who knew her. Unfortunately, those who didn’t get the privilege of meeting her will condemn her as otherwise due to her unfortunate mental illness. It serves no purpose to write mean and nasty remarks about her, other than to appease the selfish writer(s). Keep in mind, Emily has a spouse and children that are very traumatized by her loss. Please make sure your comments are appropriate for them to read.

  4. My heart hurts for the family for Emily and the semi driver. I hope one day they all find peace. It bothers me when others call people who commit suicide selfish when you have no idea what kind of demons they were facing. I lost a best friend to suicide and so many people called him selfish and he was the least selfish person I’ve ever known.

  5. As a sufferer of depression and as a mother, my heart always aches for those unable to find the help they need in time and because of that succumb to their mental illness. I know the pain and agony of depression and because of that, I can only glimpse the terrible and relentless darkness one must have eexperienced before they reached the point of suicide. I am praying for her, her family, the friend she was with, the truck driver, her other friends and everyone else who battles with all forms of anxiety and depression everyday. May we find the help strength and peace we all need from time to time in order to navigate the mental and emotional dangers of this mortal life.

  6. This woman had completely lost her mind!!. What a tragic situation, so awful for the family! I find it hard to believe they still believe in god. How and why could he allow such evil things to happen to such a good person. The sad thing is there will be no peace from this belief, they will not see her again.


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