Sheriff Rosie Rivera, brothers of murder victim Alejandro Reyes plead for tips in 2016 cold case

From left, Angel Reyes, Edgar Reyes and Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera spoke at a news conference to ask the public for tips in the 2016 murder of Alejandro Reyes. Screen grab/Unified Police news conference

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 29, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Law enforcement officials and family members are asking for tips on the cold-case murder of Alejandro Reyes, whose body was found in October 2016 in Butterfield Canyon.

Reyes, who was 26 and lived in West Jordan, had died from blunt force trauma, the medical examiner determined. His body was found wrapped in heavy plastic.

On Tuesday, Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera shared a limited update, stating that mixed DNA, belonging to multiple people, had been recovered, and she hopes advances in science will yield more definitive and specific information in the near future and  involved people whose DNA was not yet in the DNA database would be identified.

Until then, investigators are asking for members of the public to come forward with tips.

“Somebody knows,” Rivera told reporters. “I mean, you don’t just commit a violent crime and not say something to somebody. So somebody knows information about this case. And that’s what we’re trying to push out today, is if you know about this case, call us and help us solve this case.”

Edgar Reyes was 22 when his brother, Alejandro, died.

“He was a really great man,” Edgar said of his older brother. “He would help out in any way he could. And it’s just sad. And it’s hard for us, even after five and a half years going on six years, that he’s been taken from us, it still hurts us. And I just hope that the public can come forward with anything, if they know anything about what happened.”

Alejandro Reyes. Photo: Unified Police Department

Angel Reyes, who was 17 when his oldest brother died, broke down in tears, unable to contain his grief.

“At the time, my parents weren’t here. I only came here myself. He basically took care of me. He’d feed me every time I come home from school. He’d take me out…and just talk to me and just give me life advice…It’s hard to see him go underground,” Angel Reyes said, sobbing.

“He was just a great big brother to us. He was a great human being. I don’t know why they did this…I just plead to everybody, you can send in tips, or whatever you know that caused his death, to please come forward. That’s all.”

Sheriff Rivera said there’s a lot of information she can’t share, because she needs to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

“I know we can solve this case, but we absolutely need the public’s help,” Rivera said. “And I would like to say to those individuals that were involved in this case, we’re going to solve it. We’re going to find out who you are. It’s better for you to come forward and work with us on this, rather than us have to go out and find you ourselves, and that’s what we’re asking. We know people have information.”

Anyone who has information regarding the death of Alejandro Reyes or suspects in the case is asked to call the Unified Police Department at 801-840-4000.

To see a video of the news conference on UPD’s Facebook page, click here.


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