‘Shots fired’ call at West Valley City party prompts mass police response

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, March 31, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — A police response to reports of a loud party took a scary turn early Sunday morning when a gunshot was fired by one of the partygoers just as police approached the home.
According to West Valley City police Lt. Todd Gray, officers were called to a residence at 3542 Basewood Cove (5300 West), just after 3 a.m. While they were making contact with people outside the home, a shot rang out from inside an attached garage.

Police took cover while putting out a call of “shots fired,” prompting a mass response from law enforcement across the Salt Lake Valley, including officers from West Jordan, Magna, South Salt Lake, and Unified police departments.

Approximately 40 police units were on the scene within a matter of minutes, while six suspects, including two juveniles, hid inside the home after dousing the lights.

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Police surrounded the residence while an entry team was put into position. Officers then called the home and advised occupants to come out with their hands up.

Two of the partiers followed orders and surrendered without incident.

Others required a bit more convincing, so police positioned vehicles in front of the home and once again advised those inside — this time via bullhorn — to come out with their hands in the air.

The remaining occupants did just that.

Gray said the owner of the home admitted to being intoxicated and said he had accidentally fired his gun when police first approached the residence.

Investigators recovered a pistol during their initial sweep of the home.

There were no reports of injuries.

Gray told Gephardt Daily the homeowner was taken into custody for handling a weapon while intoxicated.


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