SLC Mayor Appoints Mike Brown As Permanent Chief Of Police And To Other Key Positions

Officer-Involved Shooting
salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown. File photo;Gephardt Daily

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, April 26, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Mayor Jackie Biskupski announced Tuesday that she has appointed interim police chief Mike Brown as chief of police for the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Brown has been interim police chief since June 2015 and has served with the SLCPD since 1991.

He has held a number of positions with the SLCPD, including most recently as the commander for the Special Operations Bureau. In this role, he oversaw SWAT, Safe Streets Gang FBI Task Force, DEA Metropolitan Narcotic Task Force, Organized Crime Unit, Hazardous Device Unit, Motorcycle Squad, Public Order Unit and Accident Investigation.

“I have worked closely with Chief Brown and am encouraged by his willingness to make the necessary changes to keep our city’s police force well trained while also strengthening ties with the community and improving transparency,” Biskupski said.

“Chief Brown began implementing some changes during the transition period, including my call to work more closely with law enforcement agencies across the county and the DEA to combat the drug trafficking in our city.”

“This is a dream come true,” said Brown on his appointment. “I love this community and the officers who work to keep Salt Lake City safe on a daily basis. We all have the same goal of a police department that serves with respect and integrity. I am confident I can lead this force to meet the expectations of Mayor Biskupski and the people of Salt Lake City.”

The Mayor’s Office also formally announced the appointment of several key positions, which have been finalized over the last few weeks. These include:

Robin Hutcheson, director of transportation

Mike Akerlow, director of housing and neighborhood development

Jeff Snelling, city engineer

Cindi Mansell, city recorder

Orion Goff, building official

Bryan Hemsley, chief procurement officer

“Over the course of the last few months I have had the opportunity to engage in conversation and work closely with each of these individuals,” said Biskupski on the appointments. “These are dedicated public servants who are committed to building a city for everyone. Each of these leaders has demonstrated to me through words and action their commitment to the people of Salt Lake City, the employees of the Salt Lake City Corporation, and to my administration’s core principals of respect and inclusiveness.”

Based on recommendations from department leaders, Biskupski has also reappointed a variety of other positions, including senior appointed attorneys, deputy department directors, and managers in multiple departments. She continues to meet one-on-one with other appointed individuals and expects all positions to be finalized by June.

Biskupski also announced that she is in the final stages of selecting a director of economic development. Earlier this year, Biskupski launched a nationwide search for an economic leader who would help guide a new Department of Economic Development currently being formalized through the budget process.

The search for a new chief information officer and director of public services are also continuing.


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