SLCPD shares video of officer, bystanders lifting unconscious woman from vehicle after crash with Tesla

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Jan. 7, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — Salt Lake City Police Department shared a bodycam video of an officer lifting an unconscious woman from a vehicle after a crash with the assistance of two bystanders Sunday.

SLCPD Police Chief Mike Brown said in a tweet Tuesday afternoon: “Quick action by Officer Mackay on Sunday may have saved a life. The victim in this crash was pulled from the car and received immediate life-saving measures until #EMS arrived. Great work by the Officer and two bystanders!”

SLCPD retweeted the video and added: “Great work by one of our officers on Sunday may have saved a life. The driver in this crash was injured when a Tesla ran a red light and struck her vehicle. When officers arrived she was unconscious and stuck in the vehicle. Thanks to the bystanders who helped as well!”

In the bodycam video, the officer is shown running up to the car and asking a bystander: “Who is in there? How many?” The bystander replies there is a woman in the driver’s seat and the officer then says” “Anyone in the back?” The bystander says there is no one in the back. “You can’t get the door open?” the officer says. The officer then breaks the back window to the car, and asks the bystanders if they saw what happened. He then asks the bystanders to go to the other side of the car and tell him where the lock is. One of the bystanders attempts to unlock the driver’s door unsuccessfully by reaching from the back and the officer then breaks the driver’s side window.

He then says calmly to the bystanders: “Let’s pull her out. We’re not getting this door.” They then unfasten the woman’s seat belt and lift her out of the car and place her on the sidewalk. The officer then says to dispatch: “I have one female, unconscious, not breathing.  Feels like she still has a pulse.” He then begins CPR on the woman, which he continued until EMT’s arrived.

The woman in the crash has not been identified by police.


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