SLCPD warns Utahns about firearm safety as hunting season gets underway

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Oct. 13, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Salt Lake City police officials are warning Utahns to be vigilant about firearm safety as hunting season gets underway.

“The department has hundreds of cable locks to hand out for free, through October, to anyone who would like one,” SLCPD said in a Facebook post. “These locks can be picked up at either the Public Safety Building at 475 S. 300 East, or the Pioneer Precinct at 1040 W. 700 South during normal business hours. Securing your firearms should be a priority, even if you don’t have children at home.”

Securing your firearm decreases the chances of theft due to firearms being a favorite target of thieves, the post said.

“Safely storing a firearm and using a firearm safety device can also eliminate or minimize the risk of unintentional death, injury, or damage caused by improper handling of firearms,” the post said.


• Storage methods include keyed locks, combination locks, lock boxes and firearm safes.
• Keep the keys out of reach of children and where others cannot find them.
• Store ammunition in a separate, securely locked container.
• Use a firearm safety device such as a trigger lock or a cable lock.


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