South Salt Lake lifts water system health advisory after elevated levels of manganese found

File photo of tap water. Source: USEPA Environmental Protection Agency

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah, July 8, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) —  South Salt Lake has lifted a water system health advisory after elevated levels of manganese were found late last month.

“The Utah Division of Drinking Water has lifted the water system health advisory issued on July 1, in South Salt Lake,” said a news release Thursday morning. “The SSL Water Division will continue to closely monitor the drinking water and promptly report findings to customers.”

A previous news release said: “On June 29, elevated levels of manganese were discovered in the South Salt Lake drinking water system. The high levels were found at hydrant testing sites. This is not a violation of a regulation. There are no federal public health regulations for manganese in drinking water. This notice is being sent because the measured concentration of manganese is above the EPA’s Health Advisory Level.”

Manganese is a naturally occurring element found in many foods and is considered an essential nutrient for humans and animals because our bodies require it to function properly, the news release said.

“Elevated manganese levels will not cause negative health effects for most people, but can be harmful to infants under six months of age,” the news release said.

The news release added: “Of note, brown discoloration in our water is caused by high iron content, not manganese. High iron content does not cause adverse health impacts.”


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