South Salt Lake man arrested after allegedly tossing dog from balcony on W. Temple

File photo: Gephardt Daily
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SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah, Oct. 6, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — A 32-year-old man was booked into jail early Tuesday morning after police responded to what was initially reported as a fight in progress.

Just before 12:30 a.m., a caller reported a fracas in the area of 3800-3900 South and West Temple Street, where a great deal of yelling could be heard.

It took officers a little while to locate the site of the disturbance, and when they did, they realized they were dealing with just one person who apparently had been extremely upset about something.

“It wasn’t a fight,” South Salt Lake Police Sgt. Winters told Gephardt Daily. “A 32-year-old male in a fifth-floor apartment had thrown a Chihuahua off the fifth-floor balcony and was screaming and yelling. That’s why the caller thought there was a fight.”

Winters said the little dog survived the fall and was rushed to an emergency veterinarian to be treated for its injuries.

“The man admitted to throwing the dog off the balcony, but we don’t know why he did it,” she said.

The unidentified man was taken into custody to be booked into jail on a charge of animal cruelty, Winters said.

Animal Control officers will decide where the dog will be placed when, and if, it recovers.


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