Springville police ID former couple in attempted murder-suicide

Lily Conroy. Photo: Springville High School softball team/Facebook

SPRINGVILLE, Utah, May 19, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — The Springville Police Department has identified the former teen couple involved in an attempted murder and suicide on Wednesday.

The office also revealed that the teenage girl was mortally wounded, but is on life-support to preserve her organs for donation.

“The investigation of the apparent murder/suicide involving two Springville residents is ongoing,” the Springville Police statement says. “Lily Conroy, a 17-year-old Springville resident and Springville High School student, was mortally wounded, but is currently on life support to preserve organs.”

The shooter, previously identified as a man of 20, was revealed to have been 19.

“The man involved in the incident is 19-year-old, Masao Kaanga of Springville,” the statement says.

Kaanga formerly played on the Springville High football team.

Both teens were found with gunshot wounds to their heads.

“The family wishes to carry on their daughter’s legacy to help someone in need,” the Springville Police statement says. “The family would like Lily to live on by donating her organs to a local family. If there is a family in the local area who is in need of organ donation, contact the Springville Police Department (801-489-9421).”

In addition, Springville High School has offered counseling to students and staffers affected by the loss.

The incident

Lt. Warren Foster, Springville Police Department, told Gephardt Daily on Wednesday that the couple had recently broken up, and the incident began Wednesday afternoon with a request for a welfare check.

“There was some conversation between the two of them, and some worry that he was going to do something,” Foster said. “She ended up getting in the same vehicle with him, and we got word they were mobile.”

At about 3:19 p.m., officers headed for Springville High School, but did not find anyone there. Soon after, the girl’s phone ping placed her at a Springville convenience store.

“We had all available officers in the city out, and when they got to the store, they weren’t there,” Foster said. “We fanned out in a four to six block radius, then we got a call from the mother of the man, saying they were headed for Hobble Creek Park at about 3:43 p.m.

“When we got there, we found them both in the vehicle with gunshot wounds,” Foster said. “He was deceased at the scene, and she was LifeFlighted to Utah Valley Hospital.”

“Our hearts go out in the police department to all the family involved, and the students and friends dealing with this situation.”


  1. It saddens me to think that these kids couldn’t just go their separate ways and have a happy life. My mind doesn’t understand this kind of thing….probably never will. Now 2 families are left to try to keep going in spite of the heartaches and misery. I wish young people would or could stop to think….seriously think….before they throw away all the promise of the future.

    My condolences to the families and friends


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