Springville police warn residents after bear sighting

Wildlife officials released this photo of a bear who scratched a boy in Hobble Creek Canyon. Photo Courtesy: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

SPRINGVILLE, Utah, June 19, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Just one day after a bear scratched a boy in Hobble Creek Canyon, police in nearby Springville warned residents of a bear sighting Wednesday morning.

“We have reports of a bear sighting near 1100 S. Oakleaf Lane,” said a tweet from Springville Police Department at 11 a.m. “Please avoid the area for now.”

Oakleaf Lane is adjacent to Canyon Road, which goes through Hobble Creek Canyon.

“DWR has checked the area and bear made a run for the trees,” a follow up tweet at noon said. “Area is clear to resume your normal activities.”

State wildlife officials warned the public to be alert after a boy was scratched by a bear while camping in Hobble Creek Canyon Tuesday morning.

A news release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said a bear entered a campground area in the left fork and toward the top of Hobble Creek Canyon on private property at approximately 6 a.m.

A bear disturbed a tent, and the boy received minor scratches on his back, the news release said. Officials added the boy is expected to be OK.

The Utah DWR coordinated with USDA Wildlife Services, and worked together to track and capture the bear, who was then euthanized. The reason it was euthanized is that the bear showed a lack of fear toward people, the news release said.

Utah DWR will be working with the U.S. Forest Service to put up notifications at campgrounds in the area, officials said.

For safety tips if you encounter a bear, click here.


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