St. George first responders risk lives to save dogs trapped in burning house

St. George fire and police save dogs from a blaze. Photo: St. George Fire Department

ST. GEORGE, Utah, May 23, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Some rescues can get first responders feeling both proud and “crappy.”

That second word is one the St. George Fire Department used to described uniform stains suffered by police officers when they kicked in the door of a burning house on Friday, and rescued three dogs in deep medical distress.

“Some situations can start out a little ‘crappy,'” says a Facebook post from the fire department, directing viewers to look at small spots on the photo of a police officer.

“Officer McCullough (pictured), Lt. Williams, and Officer Gardiner kicked in a door of a burning home, in an effort to rescue two dogs inside the home. The dogs repaid them by getting the officers a little ‘messy.’

“Much later, we learned there was a third dog possibly still inside the home. As fate was would have it, members of the St. George Fire Dept. found the dog inside the home. They were able to return it to the owner.”

The third dog, pictured, was treated and rushed to the vet, the statement says.

“We don’t know the condition of the dog,” the SGFD statement says. “But we are very proud of these individuals who risked their lives (and uniforms) to save these animals. Great job!”


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