Even Steven


It started out with an idea to give back. A business that not only made good sandwiches but made a difference in the community. Located in Salt Lake City, Even Stevens makes a promise, for every sandwich sold the fast casual restaurant will donate a sandwich to charity. It is lunch served with a side of karma.

Prices are not inflated but the smiles are. Even Stevens selects local non-profits based on their needs and the people they serve. The charities the restaurant works with are VOA Homeless, Youth Outreach, Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, The Good Samaritan Program, and YWCA of Salt Lake City. Here’s how it works. At the end of the month Even Stevens tallies up the number of sandwiches sold. The restaurant then donates money for an equivalent number of sandwiches to its partner charities. When those non-profits need the food, they take the money from their account and buy what they need.


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