Stolen Car Smashes Through Midvale Family’s Home, Driver Found Hiding On Roof Of Neighbor’s Shed

Stolen Car Drives Through Midvale Home
Photo: Gephardt Daily/Justin Anderson

MIDVALE, UTAH – September 10, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – It was “deja vu, all over again” for a Midvale family early Thursday morning, when the driver of a stolen car lost control of the vehicle and smashed through the wall of the family’s home.

It’s the third time a vehicle has slammed into the house, located at 300 East 6789 South, but Thursday morning’s crash was by far the most daunting. Police say it was miraculous no one was killed or injured.

The chain of events leading up to the crash began around 3 a.m., when officers in West Jordan noticed a stolen vehicle near 7800 South and Redwood Road.

Melvin, Marcus C
Melvin Marcus. Photo Courtesy: Salt Lake County

Police were trailing the vehicle from a safe distance when it pulled onto I-215. It was there the suspects realized they were being followed and sped away.

Officers in an unmarked vehicle saw the stolen car exit onto State Street before it turned onto 6789 South. Moments later came reports that a car had crashed into a house at 300 East.

When police arrived, they found the stolen vehicle smashed through the front of the home.

The driver, a wanted fugitive, had run away, while two passengers remained behind and were arrested. The two passengers were identified as Morgan Winger, 30, and Mary Krmzyan, 29.

Two people inside the home were shaken, but uninjured in the crash.

Three hours later, police were ramping up efforts to find the driver, 33-year-old Marcus Melvin, when one of the occupants of the home saw him hiding on the roof of a neighbor’s shed.

Melvin was taken into custody. Police say he has a long criminal history and is wanted on robbery charges. Adult Probation and Parole will take Melvin directly back to the Utah State Prison when he is released from the hospital, as he is currently a parole fugitive.

Unified Police Department officers learned through interviews with the suspects that a gun wrapped in a blue rag had possibly been thrown from the stolen vehicle at some point while the vehicle was driving eastbound on I-215 South.  Officers searched that area extensively but have not located a gun.  They ask anyone who finds a gun in that area torefrain from touching it if possible and contact UPD Dispatch at (801) 743-7000.

The owners of the Midvale home aren’t sure what their next move is. They say in the past their house has been hit by a fire truck as well as a motorcycle.


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