Summit County mourns the passing of Roxii, ‘everyone’s moose’

Image by Nanci Done

SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah, Sept. 26, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — Flowers and other tributes are already sprouting at the site of her demise in one of the neighborhoods she walked for decades.

Roxii the moose had to be euthanized this weekend after she turned up with two badly injured back legs. Nanci Done shot video of likely her final time, the beloved ungulate limping badly.

“It helps people understand how much she was suffering,” Done said. View her video here.

The Summit County Sheriff‘s Office issued a lengthy and heartfelt announcement Monday on social media.

“Sunday afternoon was a sad and difficult day for many of us,” reads the statement signed by Sheriff Frank Smith. “We said goodbye to a beautiful creature who was a treasured fixture in our community.

“Roxii was not only a symbol of the majestic wildlife of our community, but also a testament to the human compassion and kindness that is abundant in our county.

“Roxii raised countless calves among us and provided lessons in nature to the residents of Pinebrook, Summit Park and Jeremy Ranch. She was a protected and loved member of the neighborhood and many went to great lengths to ensure she was safe and given the respect she deserved.”

Smith explained that state game officials were not readily available to take care of the situation, and it was left to the sheriff’s office to end Roxii’s obvious suffering.

“Oftentimes, it is best to let nature take its course, but in the case of Roxii, it was in the best interests of Roxii and our residents, to humanely bring her life to a close.

“I want to share with our residents that it was extremely painful for the deputy to take her life. I am grateful to the deputy for having the courage to make such a difficult decision and be the person that brought her beautiful life to an end.”

Different accounts have Roxii adopting the area, moving freely between Summit Park, Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch for 15, maybe 17 years. But Done told Gephardt Daily she thinks it was more like 19.

“She had been captured and rehabilitated a couple years ago and they were going to relocate her,” Done said. “But the community fought hard to keep her. She was everyone’s moose.”

Roxii likely gave birth to the majority of the moose now roaming this part of Summit County, she said. “We live in their world and it’s an honor. The least we can do is to keep them safe.”

Roxii’s eulogy on Facebook by Tuesday evening had drawn 359 emoticon reactions, 18 shares and 84 comments.

Local law enforcement does not have the ability to tranquilize wild animals, Sheriff Smith said, “but we are trained to quickly and humanely end the suffering of an animal with a firearm. Regrettably, due to the unpredictability of nature, the suffering sometimes ends in a public place and in daylight.”

“Losing Roxii,” Smith concluded, “was awful. Take peace in knowing she taught our community so much and made life safer for our wildlife.

“She lived a long life and our community was better for knowing and loving her. Please pay tribute to Roxii by being good stewards of our wildlife. This can be done by simply driving safely, and on the constant lookout for wildlife on our roads.”


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