Police: Heber City Sexual Assault Leads To Deadly Standoff

James Leo Veyette, 47, barricaded himself inside a Heber City Home early Monday morning after being confronted by residents he drugged and sexually assaulted a teenage girl. Photo Courtesy: Heber City Police

HEBER CITY, Utah, May 30, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — A report of a sexual assault involving a teenage girl prompted a six-hour standoff in Heber City Monday morning that ended with the suspect committing suicide.

Heber City Police Department officers responded to a home near 200 W. Center Street after receiving reports around 2 a.m. of a child sexual assault and aggravated assault involving a gun.

The caller told dispatchers a male adult had drugged and sexually assaulted a teenage girl inside the house, and when confronted, pulled a gun on two of the occupants.

An adult female, two teenagers and one 5-year-old child were safely evacuated from the residence.

Police say the man, 47-year-old James Leo Veyette, remained barricaded inside the residence.

Officers evacuated the homes on West Center Street while the Summit Wasatch Advanced Tactical Team arrived and attempted to negotiate with the Veyette for several hours.

The SWAT team ultimately fired tear gas and stun grenades into the home, before officers made their way inside and found Veyette dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The evacuation order was lifted just after 9 a.m. However, officers were asking anyone else to please avoid the area while the investigation into the incident continued.

heber city standoff



  1. That sexual assault is kinda fucked up.
    True in most countries 16 is the legal age of consent.
    Also true though , in most countries human sexuality isnt isnt a taboo subject. Its a realuty taught about.
    Here , the local facade is kept for the public
    I lived with hookers.
    Everyone id ask when is the busiest time of the year.
    Every one answered in the same manner.
    Confrence dureing the bi-annual confrence.
    To understand that. You have to understand.
    The term insect. And the meaning of slaves.
    When you have a master race of course the training of pony girls , females bred just for fucking , breeding.
    Is going to happen.
    One of the many reasons
    Whats here is forbidden in His (?) Kingdom
    The breeders lifechangers they breed a master race
    The use of sexuality is a big tool.
    Its put many whom the junta here , deem a threat.
    Out of the way.
    He (?) Who comes
    He (?) They fear
    Me too. I saw whats goung to hapoen.
    They showed me how the spread of the infection here
    Is going to be stopped
    Lifechangers in His (?)kingdom the known worlds
    Are forbidden. Is we dont stop it
    He (?) Will
    I watched everyone die
    Everything gone
    Better wake up we are not alone we were not meant to be bred slaves. I groveled in the dirt like a dog
    At the feet of some big , person??
    Outside the walls of heaven
    What i wrote above is what i was told
    You will tell everyone
    I dont care i hate all of you. Ive been convicted of 3 crimes i did not do , lied about had my son stolen.
    In this shithole i have nothing but hate for you anyway.
    He (?) Brings wrath mercy ? Salvation?
    Lol wrath and until i saw Her Him (??)
    I didnt believe now i know

  2. I dont understand why this is all over social media before any details are given regarding the supposed sexual assault!!!! I grew up around this man and hr never ever made me feel the least bit uncomfortable! Before boasting about the events that occured before his death yall should have facts and testing results back because he does have family!!!!

  3. I was married to this deviant and violent perv. Sociopath And devil in sheeps clothing is all I can offer. Came off as charismatic family man and the same day we married it was like a different person emerged. Condolences to his poor children and all of the victims of his sick acts. RIP.


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