The Void Is a Game Changer and Arrives in 2016

The Void

The Void Is a Game Changer and Arrives in 2016


UTAH – May 5, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) – THE VOID announced it will open its first cutting- edge Virtual Entertainment Center (VEC) in early 2016. The first center of its kind, THE VOID will be located centrally in Utah, with plans to quickly expand into other major cities both domestic and international.

THE VOID will feature state of the art proprietary hardware and software. “By combining virtual and physical environments we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the VR pack,” said James Jensen, CTO/Founder of THE VOID. “More than watching a movie or playing a game, THE VOID will allow guests to truly live virtually any adventure.”

“We are fulfilling a promise of what a virtual reality experience can and should be,” states Ken Bretschneider, CEO/Founder of THE VOID. “Until now, we have only seen experiences like THE VOID portrayed in science fiction films and novels. Our team is ecstatic to bring that dream to life. We truly believe it’s the future of entertainment.”

When guests enter a “Game Pod” at THE VOID they will don a custom “Rapture” HMD (head mounted display) and vest, providing superior visuals, sound, haptic feedback, and global/body tracking. Physical sensations will include elevation changes, touching structures and objects, feeling vibrations, air pressure, cold and heat sensations, moisture, simulated liquids and smells. Patrons will also feel as if they are exploring miles of terrain or incredibly tall structures without ever leaving their game pod.

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THE VOID – Virtual Entertainment Centers will be family friendly with experiences available for most ages. From exploring fantasy forests to doing battle on alien planets, the options are limitless. Co-op and multiplayer connectivity allows family and friends to experience the virtual worlds together and with new content continually being developed internally through VOID Games and 3rd party partnerships, there will always be something new to experience.

In addition to THE VOID’s core experiences, the Virtual Entertainment Centers will also feature custom motion simulators, museum-quality themed decor, and delicious food and beverage options.

In conjunction with their VEC’s THE VOID, LLC’s technology allows them to expand into other VR verticals including medical applications, police and military training, education, motion simulation and consumer gaming software and hardware.


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