Law enforcement agencies pursue vehicle-theft suspect through Washington City, St. George, Hurricane

File photo: Gephardt Daily

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah, April 24, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — One or more suspects remain at large Friday after an overnight police chase that involved three Southern Utah law enforcement agencies and at least three stolen vehicles.

Washington City police were called to the scene of an accident at about 3:10 a.m. Friday, Lt. Kory Klotz, WCPD, told Gephardt Daily. The vehicle was a Lincoln MKZ.

“Officers found the car unoccupied,” Klotz said. “We learned throughout the investigation that the car was stolen from Washington City. We ended up finding the suspect had stolen another car from down the road.”

The second stolen vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, was spotted, and Washington City Police gave chase. After Washington City officers terminated the chase, St. George police saw the Tahoe, and a second pursuit began, but was later terminated.

Washington County Sheriff officials later spotted the Tahoe in Hurricane, but lost it as it wove through traffic there. Later, St. George police found the Tahoe near Pine View High School in St. George.

“The suspect had ditched the car, which had blown out tires,” Klotz told Gephardt Daily. “The suspect’s whereabouts are unknown from that point.”

St. George Police got a call about a car stolen from that city. Klotz said he did not know the make or model. He also said a gun reported stolen from the site of the second stolen car has not been recovered.

Klotz said a witness at the Washington City crash site reported seeing one man exit the Lincoln. Because of the low light, the witness could not provide a description. But one or more witnesses near Pine View High School reportedly saw two people exit the Tahoe and flee the scene. So officials aren’t sure if they are looking for one suspect or two, Klotz said.

“There were no injuries to officers,” Klotz said. “We have reached out to the hospital to see if they would let us know if anyone comes in” with injuries suggesting a recent crash, he said.

“The investigation is still ongoing.”



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