TriCounty Health Department now requires face masks to be worn in public in Uintah, Duchesne, Daggett counties

Photo: U.S. Food & Drug Administration

VERNAL, Utah, April 20, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — TriCounty Health Department, covering Uintah, Duchesne and Daggett counties, has issued revisions to its local public health order including that residents now need to wear face masks in public, officials said.

The revisions were first announced last week, said the TriCounty Health website, and went into effect Monday. One of the revisions reads:

Face Covering

Effective immediately, the following recommendations, restrictions, and limitations regarding personal face coverings shall apply:

  • All individuals who have interaction, or potential for interaction with the public as a result of their employment, are required to wear a face covering in any public place or wherever social distancing is not possible.
  • All individuals are encouraged to wear a face covering in any public place, including retail establishments, grocery stores, workplaces, and wherever social distancing is not possible.
  • Medical-grade masks should be reserved for healthcare workers and first responders and are discouraged for personal use.
  • The requirements and recommendations to wear a face covering in no way alters, lifts, or changes the social distancing standards set forth in this order.
  • To be effective face coverings should be cleaned or replaced regularly per CDC guidelines.

To read the remainder of this far reaching directives click through the document below.

TCHD COVID19 Public Health Order 2020-02


  1. This title is very misleading and is causing panic in our county. The health department clearly states that individuals are encouraged to wear masks in public. The requirement is for public employees, and those who wish to go to the gym, nail salon, hair salon, and dance studios.

  2. Dang, I went into Roosevelt and I noticed bout 98 percent of people weren’t wears ng their mask or glove that were suppose to be required when goin into the community?? When are people going to listen to our spokes men and chairmen??..


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