Twin Falls Sheriff’s Deputies Raise Funds For Headstone For Newborn Found Roadside

diaper bag
Photo: Twin Falls Sheriff's Office

The body was found inside a diaper bag left at the side of the road, at 3360 N. South Blue Lakes Blvd., by a deputy on patrol.┬áThe sheriff’s office told KTVB 7┬áthat the baby appeared to be full-term, and a forensic pathologist was unable to determine whether the girl was born alive.

A local funeral home and cemetery have offered their services for free.

People who would like to contribute money for the headstone purchase for “Angel Rose,” a name TFSD deputies gave the infant, can contact the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Department. Arrangements are pending.

Idaho and Utah are among the states to have Safe Haven Laws, which allow parents of newborns to surrender their infants without legal consequences.


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