Two men rescued after boat capsizes on Utah Lake

Utah Lake. Photo Courtesy: Utah DEQ

UTAH COUNTY, Utah, Oct. 26, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Two men were rescued Saturday evening after their boat capsized in strong winds and high waves on Utah Lake.

Utah County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Spencer Cannon said the men were “cold and wet, but are getting warm and dry.”

“They probably came pretty close to not making it,” Cannon added.

A dog that was with the men has not been located. Search and rescue crews checked the area and tried to tip the boat to see if the dog was under it, but the dog was not found.

Cannon said the waves were four to six feet high and, because the lake is relatively shallow, the waves were close together, which makes it hard to navigate.

He said it’s always advisable to check the wind forecast before going out on the water.

The incident occurred about a half-mile west of the tower at the Provo airport, Cannon said.

The men had started out with life jackets in the boat but were not wearing them, so when the craft capsized, the life jackets were swept away.

“A life jacket has a much higher likelihood of preventing a drowning,” Cannon said. “The law requires adults to have life jackets in the boat, but wisdom says to put the dang thing on.”


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