U.S. coronavirus death toll nears 1 million mark

COVID-19 virus. Image: FDA
BALTIMORE, Maryland, April 6, 2022 (Gephardt Daily)  — The nation’s coronavirus death toll is one bad week away from reaching the 1 million mark.
Covid trackers have the death count topping 983,000 in recent days and the total diagnosed cases surpassing 80 million in this country of 300 million plus.
The Centers for Disease Control website, cdc.gov notes the pandemic’s worst week for fatalities was 26,012 in the week ending Jan. 9, 2021, and the lightest the 1,546 deaths during the week ending July 3, 2021.
In Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University’s website covid tracker at coronavirus.jhu.edu, counts the covid dead at 983,384 today, Wed. April 6. The CDC site lists the figure at 983,425.
The Johns Hopkins site, much more navigable than the CDC’s, counted deaths topping 965,000 by Mar. 14, and passing 970,000 on Mar. 17. Total deaths hit 980,624 on Mar. 31.


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