UHP: Driver keeps a cool head after flying road debris smashes through windshield

Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

UTAH, July 29, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — A Utah driver got the surprise of his life when another vehicle kicked up metal road debris, and it smashed through the first driver’s windshield.

“Lucky!,” says a Utah Highway Patrol Facebook post, issued Thursday.

“While heading home, a vehicle in the next lane over from this vehicle struck a piece of metal that was in the roadway. This launched the metal right into this drivers windshield!

“The driver managed to safely pull over. In this case, it was completely unavoidable on his part but he did a great job keeping his cool!”

Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

The UHP post shared no other details about the incident, but does ask a favor:

“If you are driving and see debris in the road call 911 and we will get it out,” the post says. “Had this been a motorcyclists or someone without driving experience, this could have been much worse. If you have never thought about what you would do in this situation… start thinking.”

Social media users commented with their own struck-by-debris stories, near misses, and a few choice emojis, including a pair of pants and a pile of poo. To read the comments or add your own, visit UHP’s page here.

Photo: Utah Highway Patrol


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