UHP: Driver of 3-wheeled car pulled over, driver’s blood-alcohol tests nearly 4 times legal limit

Photo: Utah Highway Patrol/Facebook

UTAH, June 2, 2022 (Gephardt Daily) — Utah Highway Patrol troopers were responding to a call Wednesday night when they spotted a shiny red car with something amiss.

“The odd thing about this vehicle was the fact that they were driving without a tire,” a UHP Facebook post says. “The trooper could see sparks as the vehicle continued as if nothing was wrong.”

A trooper made a traffic stop, and noticed something “off” about the driver as well.

“Our trooper diverted from his call to stop this vehicle, and, through DUI investigation found the driver to be 3.7 times the legal limit.”

Facebook users added their own commentary.

“Thank you Trooper for stopping this nut,” one wrote.

“How do you get that drunk? Or high?,” wrote another.

“Um, hun. That’s not the sort of grinding the kids are talking about these days,” wrote another.

“People, don’t drink and drive!,” wrote another. “It’s not the difficult to comprehend!”


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